Release Date: 1st August, 2016
Genre: Exploration
Age Rating: 16+
Publisher: Chequered Ink Ltd


Turns out war changes.

In Four Against The World, each adventure is unique. Travel from city to city with “The Four”, the sole survivors of one of many possible catastrophes that took place shortly before the game’s events.

Hunt for food, energy, health packs, skill points and car parts to keep yourselves, and your beloved vehicle, on the road.

Search scenery and dungeons and do your best not to die in the face of continuous, sometimes arbitrary dilemmas – each character only has one life; once they’re dead, they’re dead forever.

Make it to the final destination, the glorious British city of… well, it’s different every time, just like everything else.

It’s all tongue in cheek and profoundly British. Made in 72 hours for the July 2016 GMC Jam.


System Requirements

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10: 512 MB RAM, 128 MB Graphics, Screen Resolution over 1024 x 768. Disk space.

Written by Allie

Managing Director, designer of over 800 fonts and creator of over 170 independent games. She.