Bath, UK
Bath, Somerset. Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Working at Chequered Ink

At Chequered Ink we have a relaxed approach to game design and believe that we can make a successful business doing what we love. Our friendly approach to management encourages influence of the company direction from all levels.

Based in Bath, Chequered Ink is perfectly placed for travel to Bristol in around 30 minutes, as well as Cardiff or London in under 2 hours by train. Bath itself is a beautiful city with a long and interesting history. There a plenty of shops, attractions and historic monuments to see during your time in the city.

Open Positions

We currently do not have any jobs available, however we do hope to expand in future so if you wish to join us please send us your details using our contact form and we’ll keep them on record!