Release Date: 31st August, 2016
Genre: Design Assets


Make your own geometric characters for use in your products, videos and games! This pack includes 20 pre-made characters based on everyday jobs from a builder and a butler to a teacher and a singer.

The pack also includes the character creator in both PSD and Fireworks PNG format. Swap and change over 130 different pieces and parts to create your own avatar or company mascot.

The resolution of the pre-made characters is 480 x 480, but creations made in the character creator can be easily scaled to make high resolution images.

What can I use them for?

You can use the characters for anything you want, let your imagination run wild! How about…

  • Your social media avatar
  • Company mascot
  • Video game character
  • Business card
  • Logo

What’s in the character editor?

  • 26 hair pieces
  • 5 accessories
  • 17 noses
  • 13 mouth pieces
  • 10 beards / moustaches
  • and a whole lot of other stuff totaling 139 pieces
  • Plus, a handy color palette for reference!

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Written by Dan

Managing Director and mobile development whizz.