The round-up after new year always feels a bit weird. We usually seal off the previous year with a games showreel (see below) and in a sense a December Round-Up seems a bit superfluous. But ah well, here it comes anyway!


On December 10th we released our final game of 2017: a twin-stick shooter called Thysanura. Take control of a plucky silverfish and attempt to defeat hordes of microscopic monsters. The game is available for free on

Games Showreel 2017

Keeping alive an annual tradition, we released a games showreel to showcase all of the games that we made in 2017. Who’d believe a two man team could create so much content?


And finally, as ever, we pumped out as many fonts as we could manage to use in your projects. There are a huge variety of fonts here from pixel fonts to basic sans-serifs, techno fonts to pseudo-Japanese script. There was a little something in December for everyone:

  1. Rumutocu
  2. Butcher the Baker
  3. Electric Shocker
  4. Not the Far East
  5. Not the Middle East
  6. Have a Banana
  7. Perfectly Together
  8. Onomber
  9. Flob out a Bork
  10. Tumbling Down
  11. Glitch Slap
  12. The Wastes of Space
  13. Night Machine
  14. Torque Sense
  15. Nuernberg Messe
  16. Crevice Stencil
  17. Balloonatic
  18. Typist’s Pseudonym
  19. Havannah Hank
  20. Tun Up De Ting
  21. Diary of an 8-bit Mage
  22. Bun Ting
  23. Gothiqua
  24. Plan G

And that’s all for the last month of 2017, considering we took 2 weeks off over Christmas I think you’ll agree that we got a lot done! We’ll keep you posted on new projects soon.

All the best,

Chequered Ink Team

Written by Dan

Managing Director and mobile development whizz.