Please check the following list of issues and solutions before requesting support.

PONG Quest issues: Please send any support requests about PONG Quest to, as the publisher Atari handles these requests.

Innoquous 5, Ink Solitaire: Mac OS X executable is damaged

Problem: Mac OS X executable is damaged, OS X recommends moving it to trash.
This error message is actually OS X being rather misleading. In most cases it doesn’t mean that the package is damaged, it means that OS X doesn’t trust the file because it was downloaded from the internet. To fix this you need to set your Mac’s security and privacy settings to allow apps downloaded from “Anywhere” not just the Mac App Store. See Apple’s support guide here. If the file still doesn’t work, let us know.

Color Difference Using CIE 94

Problem: Occasionally, due to GameMaker’s lack of precision, one of the variables in this script will be rounded down to zero. This results in a “divide by zero” error further into the calculation.
Unfortunately we do not have a solution for this as of yet. We have thoroughly stress-tested the script several times, performing tens of thousands of calculations in quick succession, and only encountered the error in 1 or 2 cases. If you experience this error, please send us the exact error message you receive so that we can look into it further.

If your issue is not listed here then it’s probably not a common problem, please let us know so we can help you!