Release Date: 4th November, 2015
Genre: Arcade
Age Rating: 16+ (Coarse language and adult themes)


With Mason Zane killed in a mysterious chain of events, his perception of the world in his alter ego Madd Mann seemed doomed to die. That is, until Daryl Schuhorne, a woman with an equally bizarre obsession for doing absolutely everything in a business suit with a vivid red tie, came along.

Run around in circles. Don’t get killed by the wall, which is back in full force. Avoid having a spike introduce new holes into your ecosystem. You see that hole over there? Yeah, don’t fall down it. And now, making their return from their appearance in 2010’s Maddening, bounce off trampolines and try your best not to get slowed down in vats of thick goo!

Further improvements from Relapse 1 include the game running in native 1080p, tons of polish to everything, improved level generation bringing more variety to the table, and a new soundtrack by Meizong.

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System Requirements

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10: 512 MB RAM, 128 MB Graphics, Screen Resolution over 1024 x 768. Disk space.

Written by Allie

Managing Director, designer of over 600 fonts and creator of over 100 independent games.