Release Date: 6th January, 2016
Genre: Multiple
Age Rating: 16+ (Coarse language and adult themes)


12 years. 130 games. 90 WIPs. 220 fonts. 50 pages of info. Four e-magazines and even a goddamn LP. All made by one person. All in one pack.

NAL Is Dead is a retrospective pack containing everything by me released under the NAL/NALGames pseudonym between 2003 and the July 2015 formation of Chequered Ink Ltd, of which I am one of two founders.

Containing the good – Maddening Relapse! Hi Me Ro Me! Innoquous 4! Ne Touchez Pas! Prisnhax! Frankenfirearm!

And the bad – Aardvark Cwm! Gemocide! ExecutioNAL! Clickfire!

And everything inbetween! Ever wanted to be a prostitute on a pogo stick? SohoPogoHo hears you! Fancy going around peeing on people? Signal Failure! You can assume the role of a ginger killing the anti-gingers of the world in Infidels, or become a little robot fixing the big robot it resides in with Titan Tighten.

Need a rhythm game fix? Bullet Hills! Need a music game that has no rhythm? Melodika! Need to inject yourself to help forget the nightmarous legion of female stalkers planning on kissing you to death? Yeah, that’s in here too. So’s the one where you’re a dog in a ball unloading clips of everything from water pistols to rocket shotguns at mutant bags of blood. And the one where you get to play an interactive advert for a fictional Japanese dish cleaner while a man touts its superior viscosity to you.

NAL Is Dead also contains every single completed/published font I ever made – that’s over 220 fonts that have been downloaded across various sites over 10,000,000 times total, and used by and in various worldwide brands including WWE, NBA and Purina, and by notable musicians such as Flo Rida, KARA and Excision.

You can use them commercially if you’re that way inclined, or just install them all and pretend you’re the lord of fonts.

There are nearly 20 terrible, terrible music tracks I’ve made along the way too, along with four issues of my short-lived GameMaker-centric Rekame Mag e-magazine. And some of the games also contain WIP versions for your curiosity – if you’ve ever wanted to see the pre-final builds of games like madnessMADNESSmadness, Innoquous 4, or Infidels, they’re all here for the first time ever.

And to cap it all, there’s a chronologically-ordered PDF densely packed with information on each of the 130-ish games included in the pack, along with back-story, and information on the other stuff I made or did, including my five-year stint at YoYo Games, that time I got broadband, and that time I did over 200 fonts.

It’s presented in a light hearted way, but this pack truly does represent a huge chunk of my life – everything I made independently from being an 11 year old kid that had to download GM onto a school computer and bring it home on 3.5″ floppy discs thanks to the speed of my home internet, to a 24 year old jumping into the world of full-time indie.

Thank-you if you have been any part of it across those 12 years, and thank-you if you support this pack by throwing a little money at Chequered Ink – do note that every game included has been free before, you’re paying for the retrospective, and the hundreds of hours it took me to compile this git, get old games working, and even remove blatant copyright infringement from a few of them! If you like fonts, this is an economic way of getting those all for commercial use as well.


System Requirements

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10: 512 MB RAM, 128 MB Graphics, Screen Resolution over 1024 x 768. Disk space.

Written by Allie

Managing Director, designer of over 800 fonts and creator of over 170 independent games. She.