Happy New Year everyone! We’ve got some big news regarding our font licenses. We’ve changed the structure and limitations of our licenses to make them more accessible to small and medium enterprises.

You can still continue to use our fonts for free for non-profit use, it’s just that our commercial licenses have had a little bit of a shake up.

Our Basic Commercial License has been renamed Business Lite, and allows individuals and small companies to use our fonts for as little as $15.

We’ve introduced a brand new middle-range license called Business Standard, which allows medium-size companies and more successful sole traders to use our fonts from $50.

Finally, our Extended Commercial License has been renamed Business Extended, and allows large enterprises to use our fonts from $150.

We hope this new structure will be fairer for some of those up-and-coming companies who couldn’t quite stretch their budgets to cover our previous licenses. If this blog post is just too long winded and confusing, you can find full details of our new licenses, as ever, on our licensing page here: https://chequered.ink/font-license/

We’re looking forward to a productive new year!

All the best,

Chequered Ink Team

Written by Dan

Managing Director and mobile development whizz.