What did we get up to in the month of spooks and ghouls? There’s only one way to find out!

New Fonts

In October we released 26 new fonts. Allie has also merged all of her old fonts from NALGames into the Chequered Ink Library, bringing our total up to well over 800. While we work on adding these into our full font listing, it’s a little difficult for me to list last months fonts in the usual way, so forgive me for resorting to something a little more plain:

  1. Segretaria
  2. Coded Message
  3. 22 September
  4. Xmas Fairy Lights Perfect for Christmas
  5. Alimony
  6. Scare Arms Perfect for Halloween
  7. District Four
  8. You’ve Gotta Point
  9. Dillydallier
  10. Office Square
  11. Joy Kim
  12. Scrambled Tofu
  13. Friend Head
  14. Smoother
  15. Shepherdy
  16. Name Smile
  17. Ladders
  18. Cold Warm
  19. Kuiper Belt
  20. Another Flight
  21. Close and Open
  22. Platonica
  23. Somerton Dense
  24. Sunday Afternoon
  25. Finished Sympathy
  26. One Slice

Wing Roll

Allie invented a new adult board game called “Wing Roll” for the PROCJAM. That’s right, it’s a procedurally generated board game! You can grab it for free on itch now.

Gyro Boss DX

As announced last month we’ve been working on a brand new version of Gyro Boss for PCs (and hopefully home consoles) which features a whole host of new weapons, 50 mission objectives and a new party mode for 2-4 players. You can keep up with our devlog here.

That’s it for this month, catch you next time!


Written by Dan

Managing Director and mobile development whizz.