Pippu - Bauble Quest

Quick Facts

Chequered Ink Ltd.
Based in Bath, UK

Release Date:
September 3rd, 2021 (PC, Nintendo Switch)

PC (Steam)
PC (Itch.io)
Nintendo Switch


Usual Price:
USD 3.99
EUR 3.99
GBP 2.99 (Steam)
GBP 3.69 (Switch)


Take Pippu on an epic platforming adventure to defeat the nefarious Obkins and retrieve the stolen Baubles!

Pippu is a heroic little creature from the world of the Beandrops. One day her planet is visited by hostile aliens called the Obkins, who travel from place to place stealing precious treasures to power their dangerous and wacky machinery.

Run, climb and swim your way through 14 worlds to bash the baddies and save your planet.


  • Colorful, vibrant worlds with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.
  • A kooky cast of weird and wonderful characters to meet.
  • Collect all 56 Baubles to restore your world to its full glory.
  • Fun for all the family, young and old, beginner or seasoned gamer.



Pippu - Bauble Quest Hero Image Pippu - Bauble Quest Logo


Chequered Ink Ltd. grants permission to broadcast video footage of Pippu - Bauble Quest on streaming websites such as (but not limited to) Twitch and YouTube for the purposes of showcasing gameplay to viewers. These videos may be monetized with ads.

About Chequered Ink Ltd

Chequered Ink Ltd. was founded in June 2015 in Bath, United Kingdom by industry professionals Dan Johnston and Allison James. We've created over 1,000 fonts and released dozens of video games on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Android and iPhone. Full company press information is available here.

Pippu - Bauble Quest Credits

Developed by Chequered Ink Dan Johnston, Allison James

Theme Music Jacob Almond

Level Music, Sound Effects Joel Steudler

Sound Effects Kenney.nl, TibaSound, Mixkit, Universal Sound FX (Imphenzia AB), bigmanjoe, Breviceps, betterchinese, eardeer, neotone, bolkmar, WorldMaxter, Ben Boncan

Nunito Font Vernon Adams, Cyreal

Feedback Mark "Nocturne" Alexander, Darrell "Dadio" Flood, Florence, Matilda, Stacey, Tanya, David.

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