Plunder Dungeons

Quick Facts

Chequered Ink Ltd.
Based in Bath, UK

Release Date:
June 17th, 2022 (PC, Nintendo Switch)

PC (Steam)
PC (
Nintendo Switch


Usual Price:
USD 3.99
EUR 3.99
GBP 3.69


Test your mettle in Plunder Dungeons, a card-collecting, monster-bashing Adventure!

Collect elements and use them as either armor or weapons on your quest. Gather as much treasure as possible on your travels and compare your highest score with players all around the world.

Each time you enter the Plunder Dungeons they'll be slightly different. Keep your wits about you and maybe you'll come face to face with the rarest and most powerful creatures.


Plunder Dungeons started life as a jam game in GMC Jam 43, made in just one week following the theme "Elements". It won best use of theme, best concept and came third overall in the jam. Due to its popularity, Chequered Ink decided to take it further and make a much-enhanced version for PC and Nintendo Switch.


  • Dungeon crawling with card-management and permadeath.
  • 100 elemental cards to collect and 52 beasts to encounter.
  • Online leaderboards on every platform.


Plunder Dungeons Trailer

Plunder Dungeons - 30 Seconds of Battle


Plunder Dungeons Hero Image Plunder Dungeons Logo


Chequered Ink Ltd. grants permission to broadcast video footage of Plunder Dungeons on streaming websites such as (but not limited to) Twitch and YouTube for the purposes of showcasing gameplay to viewers. These videos may be monetized with ads.

About Chequered Ink Ltd

Chequered Ink Ltd. was founded in June 2015 in Bath, United Kingdom by industry professionals Dan Johnston and Allison James. We've created over 1,000 fonts and released dozens of video games on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Android and iPhone. Full company press information is available here.

Plunder Dungeons Credits

Created and developed by Dan Johnston

Fonts, feedback and moral support Allison James

Licensed music & sounds Joel Steudler

Additional sound effects Universal Sound FX, Imphenzia AB

Voice acting Martin Atkinson

Additional art resources Twemoji by Twitter, Inc.

Additional art resources & Sound Effects Kenney NL

Feedback, testing & special thanks Mark "Nocturne" Alexander, Darrell "Dadio" Flood, @blacktomjones, Members of the GameMaker Community

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