How do we collect your information?

Your information may be collected through the contact form, through interactions with our social media accounts, or through data entry fields in our games and software. It will always be clear from our submission forms what information you are sharing with us.

Third parties may collect your data through the advertisements displayed on our website and in our apps, and through our site analytics software. You can usually control the amount of data advertisers collect about you by clicking the “ad choices” icon in the corner of an advert or by changing the settings on your web browser or mobile device. Wherever possible we seek to minimise the data collected by third party services.

What information do we collect?

Information we collect from you directly is always described in plain sight. For example our contact form tells us your name and email address. We will always inform you whenever we are directly collecting your personal information.

How is it used?

Information you share with us via our contact form will be stored in our email account for as long as is reasonably necessary to deal with your request. Any information you share with us via social networks (for example in mentions or private messages) is stored by the social network itself, and you should read their respective privacy policies to be sure of your rights.

We will only use your information to serve you in the best way possible and we will never share it with a third party unless you give us permission. The only exception is if we need to share your information with law enforcement officers for our safety or your own.


This website uses cookies in some places to save information for the next time you visit. Cookies are small text files that websites can place on your computer or device. We use cookies to store information such as the number of levels you have completed in our browser-based games. You can delete these cookies at any time in the settings of your web browser. Most web browsers have advanced options that allow you to delete cookies separately for each website, in others you will have to clear your entire browsing history.

Our pledge to you

We pledge to protect your privacy and do everything we can to safeguard your personal information. We will never share your information with a third party without your consent. You can learn more on our ethics page.