Release Date:
As Chequered Ink
31st July, 2015
Release Date:
15th October, 2012
Genre: Entertainment
Age Rating: 18+
Developers: Daniel Johnston
Chequered Ink Ltd
Publisher: Chequered Ink Ltd


Welcome to Ring Of Fire! The world famous party game! (Also known as kings).

Haven’t got a deck of cards for your party? No problem, just download this app for an instant game of Ring Of Fire on the go.

With smooth graphics, clear text and easy controls, the only thing you’ll need to do is make sure your party guests aren’t texting your friends while you’re not looking 😉

What’s new in the Chequered Ink version?
  • Brand new, improved graphics.
  • New rules and new customization screen.
  • Ability to mute sound effects.
  • Quit confirmation to stop accidental game termination.
  • Improved broken-ring detection.
  • Less intrusive ads.


Free on Android Free on iPhone & iPad Free on Windows Phone

System Requirements

Android: Android 2.3 and above. Capacitive touch screen. Disk space.
iPhone & iPad: iOS 5.0 and above. 3rd Generation iPod touch, iPhone 3GS or above. Disk space.
Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1: Windows Phone 8.0 and above, Capacitive touch screen. Disk space.

Written by Dan

Managing Director and mobile development whizz.