About Us

Chequered Ink is a design studio founded in Bath, UK, in 2015. We make games, software, fonts, eBooks and all sorts of other cool digital stuff.

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Key People

Daniel Johnston
Allison James
Dan is one of the two co-founders of Chequered Ink Ltd, forming the company in 2015 with industry colleague and friend NAL. From 2012 Dan became a self-employed digital designer completing client work for companies like Microsoft, Burger King and Goode & Son. He also began to release commercial games under his long-standing internet pseudonym “Wormintheworks” including titles like SuperBeanJump, Chickens & Moles and Ring Of Fire.

Between Autumn 2013 and Summer 2015, Dan worked at YoYo Games Ltd, the creators of GameMaker: Studio. Starting out as a Customer Support Technician, Dan’s role quickly evolved and adapted. In June 2015, Dan decided to leave YoYo Games and form Chequered Ink Ltd, taking on the role of Managing Director.

Allie James is a co-founder and director of Chequered Ink. Having published many games using GameMaker and GameMaker: Studio by YoYo Games, since 2003, she was swept up by the company in 2010 during its inaugural office-based year, becoming a professional game developer. For 5 years Allie worked on over 20 titles such as Simply Solitaire, Fire Escape and Maddening Overload, contributing to the popularity of YoYo Games in the casual gaming market.

Allie is also a prolific typeface designer, with fonts having been downloaded over 11 million times on DaFont.com alone, making her one of the top 50 authors of all time before Chequered Ink and her accounts merged. Chequered Ink is now in the top 20 authors of all time.


Legal & Contact Info

Chequered Ink Ltd.
Registered company no. 09646754 in England & Wales

Chequered Ink Ltd.
Unit 11
14 Lansdown Mews