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Chequered Ink Ltd. was founded on 18th June 2015 in Bath, United Kingdom by industry professionals Dan Johnston and NAL.

Dan and NAL have both been making games for over a decade and met while working at YoYo Games Ltd, the home of GameMaker: Studio.

Chequered Ink create games for a multitude of platforms including smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

Chequered Ink also create fonts, software, design assets and other digital materials.

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GameDevDan vs LifeEggsmas JumpSuper Plush FestivalClockwork ElfDistrictsClockwork ElfDitto TroveTappy TroveCoalition25 DaysMaddening Relapse 2Tap, Pass, Kaboom!Cavemen With PeashootersInk CipherSquid Poker DeluxeSuper DynapogoInk SolitaireOrbit FrenzyInnoquous 5Ring Of Fire: The Party GameinkPal

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We receive a great many requests for review copies of our games and unfortunately we are unable to fulfill them all. In general, we do not participate in Steam, Twitch or YouTube “giveaways” and prefer to prioritise genuine reviews & traditional press coverage. If you would like to contact us for more information, please use this form.