Quick Facts

Chequered Ink Ltd.

Founded in Bath, UK in June 2015



Unit 11, 14 Lansdown Mews,
United Kingdom

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Plunder Dungeons

Tama Cannon

Pippu – Bauble Quest

Non-Stop Space Probe

Chequered Ink Ltd. was founded on 18th June 2015 in Bath, United Kingdom by industry professionals Daniel Johnston Menezes and Allison James. We’ve created over 1,000 fonts and released dozens of video games on a variety of platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Android and iPhone.


Daniel started out his career as a self-employed designer completing client work for companies like Microsoft, Burger King and Goode & Son. He also began to release commercial games under his long-standing internet pseudonym “Wormintheworks” including titles like SuperBeanJump, Chickens & Moles and Ring Of Fire.

Allison is a prolific game developer and typeface designer with thousands of creations released under the name “NALGames”. Allison began work at YoYo Games, the home of GameMaker, in 2010 working on titles such as Simply Solitaire, Fire Escape and Maddening Overload.

Daniel joined YoYo Games in 2013 as a customer support technician and a friendship was born. In 2015 Daniel & Allie decided to forge their own path through the games industry and founded Chequered Ink.

In seven years the duo have released hundreds of new fonts, games and assets including Gyro Boss DX, Innoquous V and PONG Quest.