A monstrous match three arcade game with a twist! Connect the shapes in the right places to clear monsters from the dungeon and beat the bosses, all in the name of chasing the highest possible score. | Steam | Nintendo Switch | Presskit

Revolver and Co

It’s 2038, and a late maniacal inventor has left behind a legacy of madness – coordinates to an island full of wealthy robots, a gun that asks questions, and a widow that’s hired you to answer them.

Nintendo Switch | Steam |

Non-Stop Space Probe

Take control of the Orblr-1 Space Probe and blast chaotically through the cosmos on your mission to collect precious minerals. | Opera GX | Nintendo Switch | Presskit

Tama Cannon

Tama is a curious creature in a strange world full of floating cannons.

Fire Tama from cannon to cannon in search of treasure and blast your way to the golden Star Cannon in each level! | Opera GX | Nintendo Switch | iPhone & iPad | Presskit

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